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Cesspit, septic tank or soakaway problems

Got a leaking, seeping problem?
Nasty smells?
Overflowing sewage?
Call the specialists!

Leaks, puddles and pongs: After years of reliable service, your cesspit or septic tank has let you down – backing up, overflowing, or leaking smelly effluent into your garden (or worse still, your neighbour’s garden).  Maybe a blocked soakaway is causing drain-pipes to overflow or surface water to collect around your property.

It may be solved simply by emptying the tank or pit and clearing the connecting pipes, or it may be more complicated with damage to the structure.

Whatever’s gone wrong, call on Happy Drains to track down the problem and arrange to get it fixed for you.

Is it accidental damage? The most common accidental damage results from trees growing and shifting, or roots creeping in. If the cause of the problem is accidental like this, not wear and tear, and you’re covered by insurance, you can look to us to get your claim agreed and settled for you.

What we can do for you: First, we send an approved local contractor to resolve your emergency quickly, and as part of our Drain Unblock service we carry out a free CCTV inspection to identify the problem. If we find that the problem is covered under your accidental damage insurance, you can give us authority to manage the claim for you, and we will take it through every step until the repairs are completed and the claim is paid. 

If your problem is NOT covered by your insurance, we can still carry out the necessary repairs after providing a quote and agreeing a price with you directly

The big benefit is you never need to argue with the insurer, make lots of frustrating phone calls, or worry about finding a firm to do the job – Happy Drains does it all for you.

Check your policy for accidental damage cover: We can arrange to fix your septic tank, soakaway, cesspit or drain problems, but we can only manage a claim for you if you are covered for accidental damage. Check closely when you renew your policy as there is a tendency to exclude accidental damage unless specified. You may need to change insurance company to get this cover.