Prices and terms

Residential drain unblocks

Fixed Price guarantee for residential customers only.

No extra charge for jetting.

Drain unblock at Home? : Fixed Prices, so there are no surprises!  

For our domestic customers we offer a simple single fixed price.

In our experience we know most of the time blockages are simple to resolve. Sometimes it is a little more serious, rest assured we have all the required skills and equipment with us that are needed to make the drainage problem disappear, all without drama or fuss. 

We do not charge additional time charges and our price includes mechanical/jetting equipment: many other firms will try and clear blockages using inferior rods, then ask you for additional fees for using mechanical or jetting equipment, not us.

Our domestic unblock fee is not time based and includes mechanical/jetting equipment so you won’t be caught out!

Domestic customer, single dwelling unit, a house, or a flat, no shared drains or shared blocks. 

We will assume that all chambers will be accessible, and permissions gained to enter relevant areas unhindered.

Residential CCTV Surveys

Fixed Price CCTV for residential investigation and home buyer CCTV Drain Surveys.

Most residential properties have up to 30 meters of pipework, so our domestic fixed prices start accordingly. A report will then be generated to confirm manhole depths, pipe size, material, connections, junctions, service conditions and directions of the drainage (max diameter 150mm).

We will assume that all chambers will be accessible, and permissions gained to enter relevant areas unhindered and pipework is clean.

The method of report generation will be to the following specification: Date, No’s, Manhole numbers from & to, size of pipe, pipe material, shape, direction, distance (m) continuous, lengths, remarks and observation. 

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover the CCTV survey report.

The price will include:-    

  • Video Mpeg file
  • Emailed PDF printed technical reports
  • Annotated record drawings (nts) and recommendations

All other services

Please contact us for best prices on all other work.