Rat Blocker (Anti-Vermin Valve)

Rat Blocker Stopper Anti-Vermin Valve

The Problem

You have a vermin problem and it has become apparent that rats and vermin are accessing your property via the drainage network serving your home! 

The Solution

A stainless-steel double door anti vermin barrier, with teeth!

An environmentally friendly design specifically to prevent rats and vermin from entering your property via your own drainage system.

Rats inside your property can get out without a problem via the drainage system but will not be able to return.

Associated environmental issues can result in business closures and reputational damage can now be avoided.

Rat Blocker Stopper Anti-Vermin Valve

Product Info

The Happy Drains rat blocker is 100mm (4 inches) diameter and suitable for clay, PVC & cast-iron pipework.

Secured into the pipework within drainage chambers, it effectively stops rats and rodents from entering a property via the drainage system.

The special design features two curved stainless steel toothed one-way doors. With no restriction of flow within the pipe, it is easily fitted by mechanical compression within the pipe and installed from ground level.

How rats navigate drains

Rat Blocker Stopper Anti-Vermin ValveSuitability

This product is only suitable for inspection chambers less than 1.5m deep. Therefore, we have assumed the manholes are no deeper than 1.5m, they are clean, clear and fully accessible.

So if your inspection chamber is less than 1.5m deep, then you can buy it now…

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