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10 Interesting Things We Have Found In Drains

Here at Happy Drains, we have been called out to homes and businesses across Essex to assist with a number of blockages.  Nothing can shock us anymore, we’ve seen it all! 

1.       Paperback Books

We’ve all been there, sometimes you find yourself with some time to kill and, why not take the opportunity to catch up on your favourite book!  Some friendly advice from the Happy Drains team: If you’re not enjoying it, why not consider taking it to a charity shop?

2.       Mobile Phones

Perhaps one of the most predictable items we have retrieved from drains, a number of times, is mobile phones. 

3.       Pet Dogs

There are some tiny dogs out there, and it’s no wonder that some of the poor creatures can end up disappearing into some of our Essex drains!  If ever you witness a poor pooch slip into a drain, look no further!  Here at Happy Drains we will be more than happy to come to their rescue!

4.       Drugs

One of the more unusual articles we have retrieved from an Essex Drain recently was some drugs.  We discovered this particular substance when an emergency call was received from an elderly couple.  We’re still not sure to this day whether the couple was more concerned about the inconvenience of the blockage or the horror of there being illegal substances in the vicinity of their house!

5.       Gold watches

If you’ve got any pesky drain blockages that you’ve been meaning to sort out for a while, why not get in touch?  You never know, there might be something of value in there!

6.       Teddy Bears

Have you ever wondered where that teddy bear you bought your son or daughter for Christmas has disappeared to, and why there’s suddenly a terrible blockage in your pipes?

7.       Nappies

A few years ago we were having problems on a housing development, where regular drain clearance failed to solve the problem, so we decided to put a ‘cutter’ through the drainpipes. When we retrieved the cable from the drain, we were shocked to discover a four-inch-diameter solid sleeve of nappy towelling!  So we decided to do some investigating and find out who was responsible for the blockage.


Eventually, we found an eco-mum who said, “I use nappies because they are better for the environment – I wash the soil off the baby’s nappy in the lavatory pan, flush it, and sometimes it sucks the nappy off my hand.”


We couldn’t believe what we were hearing until, mid-demonstration, the next nappy vanished down the toilet!

8.       Diamond Jewellery

Have you considered that the item blocking your drain and causing you so much angst could be the diamond jewellery? It happens to some!

9.       Delivery Men

One of our favourite stories here at Happy Drains, was the time when one of our Essex-based customers was doing some DIY drain cleaning.

He left the manhole covers off as he was peering down the hole when suddenly, just as he looked up, he saw the poor delivery man (who, at the time, was carrying a rather oversized box to the front door) step into thin air and then, through the force of gravity, disappeared straight into the sewer!

10.   A unique combination of bananas, chocolate, body oil and talcum powder

Recently, we were called to a blockage at a massage parlour and were amazed to discover that it was caused entirely by talcum powder, chocolate, body oil and bananas; apparently this is an essential part of the massaging process!

Have you got a hilarious drain-themed anecdote?  We’d love to hear about it!

Next time you find yourself in a predicament, with a potentially embarrassing drain-blockage on your hands, you know where to turn for help.