Should Concrete be a Drain Blocking Concern?

Whether your drains are coming into contact with concrete through building, extensions, repair work or renovations, you may be susceptible to a build-up of concrete within your pipes and drains. If you think you’re facing a drain blockage due to concrete build-up, we can help.

Concrete that has made its way down drains will cause blockages and slow draining. If concrete causes an immediate blockage, you’ll benefit from knowing about the issue early on, so the problem can be rectified as soon as possible. However, concrete is more likely to stick to the sides of pipes as it drips down, which will quickly reduce the diameter of pipes and affect the flow. If the concrete manages to reach the bends of pipes, it will settle at the bottom and make it difficult for water to move past the concrete. This can quickly cause waste to back up pipes, potentially leading to a backflow of wastewater.

Whilst concrete in drains may not cause any initial problems, your drains may be unable to dispose of excess water quick enough come heavy rainfall. This will leave your property vulnerable to flooding during wet weather. Day-to-day activities within your home can also lead to inhibited drain functioning; hair, food residue and grease can easily make their way down drains. With drains that are also obscured by concrete, further detriment will mean full-blown blockages are likely to occur.

Drain jetting is one way to help clear concrete from drains. A powerful jet of water is aimed at the concrete and helps to reduce build-ups. Hydrochloric acid can also be used to soften the concrete without damaging pipes, depending on their material, and a jet wash can then be used to wash away the remainder.

Unfortunately, a concrete build-up within drains and pipes is a job for the professionals. Here at Happy Drains, we can send a contractor quickly to handle the emergency and identify the cause.

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