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DIY: Stopping Fat Building up in your Drains

The accumulation of fat and grease within our drains is an extremely common problem, causing blockages all over the country every single year. Having to deal and remove a build-up of fat within our drains can be an extremely frustrating issue, as it is often difficult to remove, however not impossible.

When fat and grease clogs a drain, it can lead to an overflow of water where the passage becomes blocked. With a drain blocked by fat and grease, it can become foul smelling, messy and unsanitary.

Know where it comes from

The easiest way to avoid fat from building up within your drains is to know where it’s coming from. Grease, oil and fat are common by-products of a huge number of foods. For example, meats, scraps, dairy, rice and more. The best thing to do is to avoid food going down your sink or into your sinks water at all costs- dispose of it first or use a drain cover.

Where does it accumulate?

The pipes that will clog the easiest are those that are connected directly to the kitchen sink. Fat, oil and grease can flow easily down the sink within water, but as the pipe begins to lose temperature and becomes cold, the fat can solidify, eventually causing a blockage. The more fat, oil or grease that is making its way down your sink, the more likely a severe blockage is going to occur, stopping all water from flowing through and causing overflows.

How do I remove it?

A drain that has been entirely clogged by fat or grease can be an extremely difficult task to remove. You can store buy cleaning materials that claim to remove fat and grease from a clogged drain. These work by penetrating the grease and forcing it to move down the drain.

Though store bought cleaners can be effective, you can also create a homemade cleaner that can work just as well. The most effective cleaner to make at home is a mixture of half hot water and half vinegar. You can also pour boiling hot water down your drain to help soften the fat and grease within your drains, helping it to move along down the pipes.

If the fat and grease build-up is too much for removal by a commercial cleaner or boiling water flushes, you may need to call a professional for assistance.

How do I prevent it from happening?

Prevention is the only way to stop fat and grease build-up within your pipes and drains. When cooking or washing dishes, do not flush any fatty foods down the sink, such as oils, butter, egg shells and any other greasy substances. If you are in need of washing greasy utensils, soaking them in a store-bought grease dissolving cleaner beforehand can work well.

Using more boiling water and dishwasher liquid can help to break down fats and grease, though only to a small extent. By breaking the habit of disposing grease and fat down your drains, you’ll be problem-free.

If you are in need of some help with your clogged drains, and think it may be a job for a professional, we can help you. Here at Happy Drains we can help you. Get in touch with a member of the team by giving us a call on 0800 849 8099 or by visiting our contact page.