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Everything you need to know about water jets and drains.

Come on now, we’ve all got a tad excited when your mate lends you their high-pressure water jet. It works wonders on your car and when it comes to your decking, wow, is that your reflection you can see? 

We get the same feeling when we get the boiler suit on and power up our high-performance pressure jetting machine. It’s a beast and it has a 100% success rate in clearing unwanted debris and bringing your drains back to full unclogged working order. Oh, and they also look brand new. 

Every day our expert engineers get asked questions about the pros of high-pressure jetting drainage systems, so that gave us this idea to tell you everything you needed to know about this service we provide. 


What is high-pressure jetting? 

Our high-pressure jet machine is the best in the business. One of a kind and has a great track record cleaning up drainage systems in London and the rest of the country. It uses high-pressure water which is designed to clear all sorts of blockages in a variety of different drainage systems. 

Our expert engineers are well trained using this equipment as the pressure can max up to 25,000 psi which you can imagine is at some speed and force. The disadvantages of this is flying debris and damage to a person, which if the way jet connects can break the skin. We can also optimise the jet to suit even the smallest of drains and potential blockages if required. 


What are the advantages? 

To start with, it’s eco-friendly and we only use local water supply like Thames Water when pressure jetting drainage systems. No chemicals or artificials are used to clear blockages, with the potential maximised force available to us, it is never considered or required. 

We also have the ability to use hot water too; this is great when blockages can involve unwanted build-up of fats such as the 2017 fatberg discovered in Whitechapel, London. Maybe not on the same scale of 130 tonnes, but we have recently come across a small forming build of fat blocking up a drain system. 

It’s also a quick, no-fuss method of unblocking residential drains and as mentioned earlier, the results are impressive and long-lasting. 


How much would this cost me? 

We offer a low, competitive and fixed flat fee for our expert engineers to come out to your property and high-pressure jet your drainage system. Our fixed fee of £90+ VAT is set no matter how long the job takes to complete, unlike many of competitors who charge on the length of the job and extra jet washing. Not us. One fee for one job, no matter how long it takes. 

If you require one of our expert engineers to attend your property or have any more additional questions, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us on 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 or you can email us at service@happydrains.co.uk