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Excess water and not issues with water not draining

Excess water, or surface water, can be an issue we experience with outside drains. Most of the time this would be caused by blocked drains but can also be triggered by several different factors. Severe weather, such as heavy rain and strong winds, is often a key culprit, as the wind and rain can sweep leaves, mud and other debris into your drains and gutters and cause blockages. These blockages mean that water and waste can’t travel through the pipes easily, causing a backup.


What is surface water? And how to combat it

Surface water is excess rainwater that’s fallen, or groundwater that’s risen and needs to be drained away. This happens after periods of heavy rain fall or waterlogged ground meaning that the ground can no longer hold any more liquid. Generally, this water will drain away and be channelled into the water system via gutters, drains and other housing infrastructure but if it’s not drained away effectively it can be a big issue. If you’re experiencing the accumulation of water at low points and dips throughout your garden or driveway you have a lack of proper drainage – whether that means no way to channel the rainwater, or the materials used in your garden or driveway layout.  A solution to this is to incorporate some gravel or stone patios which can help to absorb surface water and allow it to drain away naturally, while plants and soil around the patio can help to absorb the draining water too. Patios need to be angled away from a property to drain away water effectively.


Excess water and draining problems indoors

If you notice water pooling in your sink or bath for example, and have already tried the usual household solutions, you might have a blockage in your actual plumbing system, not inside. Sounds simple but check your outside pipes which lead to the problem area as any debris brought in by heavy rain can get into your system and cause your drains to clog.

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