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Get your outdoor drains & pipes Summer ready

After a long cold winter, with gusty winds and all that extra debris of leaves and dirt being blown around, it’s very likely your outdoor drainage and gutters will have accumulated a fair amount rubbish over the past few months.

Spring and Summer usually comes with those Great British downpours, so you’ll want your gutters and drains free of any blockages, so to removes water quickly and freely. Plus, with the hot summer sun beaming on your pipes and drains, you won’t want anything lurking and starting to smell as it bakes in the heat. So, as you get your gardens prepped for summer activities, don’t overlook some simple drain maintenance.

Start with doing a walk round and checking each drain. Make sure that water drains from each one freely, make sure it’s clear of any leaves and other build up. If the water is slow draining, you may want to inspect further by removing the cover and checking for any blockages.

You’ll want to check your guttering too. If you can’t access the guttering safely, do a walk around and look check for leaves or dirt overflowing. It’s a good idea to do this when there is a heavy downpour because if you see water overflowing in the gutter, it’ll be a good indication you have something slowing the flow of water down the pipe.


What can you do?

It’s always a good idea to purchase and install some drain protectors and gutter guards, especially if your home is located near to big trees. These will stop most of the things that cause blockages from falling in.

Before you install any guards, you may need your drains and gutters to have a proper clean, or you might want them inspecting if you are unable to do so yourself. Contact us today on 0800 849 8099 and we can inspect your drains and gutters to sort any issues. Having your drains cleaned with us will ensure the pipework in your drainage system remains in tip-top shape for longer, meaning you will avoid bigger problems down the line.