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How long does a drain survey take?

Once we arrive at your property and get going, we tend to have your drain survey completed within 45 minutes to an hour. It depends on what we have identified on-site. On some occasions previously, we have been on-site for several hours. The reason for that was a severe fault within the drainage system was preventing us from surveying, so we had to carry out the work on the spot. 

From arriving at the property we will do a full external inspection of your drainage system and look to identify any visible issues, such as cracks. Once we’ve done that we’ll fire up our HD crystal clear CCTV cameras and begin inserting them into your drainage systems. We can instantly see the feed from the cameras on our screen and help identify any potential issues. Since the introduction of the CCTV survey, it has changed the way we resolve drainage systems. Before this, it was very time-consuming and costly. 

Once we have the recorded footage from your drainage system, we will then provide you with a full, technical report outlining our: 


What we have discovered when carrying out our CCTV survey, this could be from visible blockages to cracks, fractured joints or a build-up of scale with your drainage system.


What next and how we plan to bring your drainage system back up to full health again. 


Overall cost for this work to be carried out. You can pay directly to us or claim through your building insurance. We will manage this for you with your insurers, freeing up your all-important time. 

As mentioned, our reports are in-depth with us providing a detailed breakdown of our findings, this will then show you a diagram of your property and surrounding boundaries which include the full drainage system. Finally, we provide you with still imagery of our findings from within the drains. 

If you require a CCTV drain survey or want to discuss possible drainage issues, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can email us on service@happydrains.co.uk or call us on 0800 849 8099.