Why you may need your Drains Relined

If you’re experiencing issues with your drains, it can often be difficult to identify the problem. With the help of an experience professional, challenging damage inside your drains can be overcome, with the help of having them relined or replaced.

Sometimes the inside of our drains are causing us problems. By carrying out a CCTV drain survey, you will be able to identify this. If this is the case, you can choose to have them relined. Relining works by thoroughly cleaning and descaling the section of drain that needs to be relined. This is often carried out by professionals using electro-mechanical machining and high pressure water jetting. These are popular and guaranteed ways in order to remove any scale or slit deposits within the drain, as well as leaving it clean and ready for the process or relining.

Professionals will then reline the drain using a UPVC relining sleeve. This is installed via air inflation, which cures over a length of time of up to three hours per run. The inflation tube will be removed on completion of the curing time, and the newly relined section of drain will again be thoroughly cleaned in order to ensure all excess resin solution and dirt has been fully removed.

Drain relining is a common process carried out by professional drainage companies many times every year. It is often the cheaper option when compared to removal. You will need to wait for the new lining to correctly seal to any holes or damage within your pipes, which could mean they are unusable for a short while. Drain relining features no destructive work, and once the new relining material has been put in place you will be unaware that any work has taken place.

Though there are other methods available for undiagnosed drain issues, such as completely replacing the system, relining is a cost effective alternative to more traditional repairs. Here at Happy Drains, we can ensure that your drains are back to working order as quickly as possible, as well as helping them to remain free-flowing and problem free for years to come.

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