Options for Drainage Pipes that have cracked

If your drains have cracked, it is a potentially very serious issue that can result in property damage, pollution of soil, the spread of diseases and more.

Cracked drainage pipes can occur due to the growth of roots, ground movement or corrosion within the pipes themselves. If you have noticed foul smells, wet patches, sinkholes or cracked walls and floors, it could be down to cracked pipes. However, the signs of cracked pipes are not always immediately apparent or obvious and are sometimes only confirmed via professional inspection.

If you suspect you have cracked drainage pipes, the best thing to do is to call in the professionals, like us at Happy Drains! We are able to conduct a thorough CCTV inspection of your pipes to diagnose the exact issues and the best way to counteract it. If we find cracks within your pipes, we will take the time to decide what measures we should take in order to resolve the problem, depending on the extent of the damage.

The best way to repair drains that have cracked is often using patch repairs. This is a cheaper and quicker way to fix drains and will cause less destruction to the area. If the extent of the damage is large, the drain may need a full excavation or to be completed replaced.

Slip Lining

This option for fixing cracked drains dates as far back as the 1940’s and is one of the oldest known methods. Slip lining involves inserting rigid tubes into the cracked or damaged pipes in order to improve the overall structure and prevent any leaks.


This method for cracked drains is extremely effective and involves a tubular material being saturated with resin before being inserted into the cracked drain pipe, often with a winch or with air pressure. An inflatable device is then used to expand the material in order to fit the interior of the pipe. The resin is then activated and held in place via the inflatable. Once cured, the inflatable is removed.


Occasionally the damage within the drains is so severe that there are no technologies capable of rectifying the issue. In these circumstances, the only option is to replace the damaged pipe. This is a more expensive option, takes longer than other technologies and causes more destruction to the surrounding areas, though it is worth the inconvenience to avoid further leaks.

If you need help from Happy Drains to take a look at your drains, get in touch today. We can conduct full CCTV surveys to identify the problems and the best way to resolve it. For more information, give us a call on 0800 849 8099 or visit our contact page.