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Storms & Flooding- How we can help

As the weather gets colder, the chance of a big storm increases, which can quickly turn into flooding inside businesses and homes. Don’t worry- here at Happy Drains, we can help.

Unfortunately, this can mean that sewage pipes quickly back up with water and can cause flood damage to a home as the water creeps higher. It’s important to seek help or emergency advice as soon as possible if you are experiencing a flood within your home or business. Anything that gets soaked with water, whether this be the floor or the ceiling, may contain sewage contaminants or provide a substance for mould to grow. A flood that is long-lasting or is left for a longer period of time will provide more time for the mould to grow, which can be a more costly and extended clean-up period.

It’s highly anticipated that carpets will have to be disposed of, along with any upholstered furniture that has gotten damaged. Any kitchen items, clothes and washing appliances will need to be disinfected to ensure any mould growth is prevented. Water that is left to stand can also become a breeding ground for insects and may require an exterminator.

Here at Happy Drains, our aim is to return the affected property or business to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible. We work to extract any water from the buildings itself and the contents, dry the buildings, sanitise any carpets or furnishing and control any disposal of waste. Flood damage restoration can unfortunately be a lengthy process, with drying out considered the most time-consuming part of the process due to some moisture being deep-set within walls, furniture and carpets. Once the property has fully dried, any reconstruction work that is needed can be done.

All work to restore your home after a flood occurs can be conducted with the help from Happy Drains. If you have been affected by a flood in your home or business, or need advice on cleaning up after a flood has occurred, get in touch today. We can liaise with your insurers to ensure you get the best possible result for any losses you have incurred as well as get you, and your home, back on its feet.

For more information, get in touch with a member of the Happy Drains team by visiting our contact page or give us a call on 0800 849 8099. There’s no call-out charge with us, so book now!