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Summer is coming – the ideal time to sort out your drains

Of course you should always give us a call as soon as you notice a problem with your drains, no matter what the time of the year. But there are many reasons why Summer is a great time of year for regular maintenance.


Firstly, it’s drier and brighter. That makes it easier for us to work on your drains and carry out inspections. We’re also less likely to be delayed by floods and other weather related issues. In the winter there are issues with pipes and drains freezing, or getting blocked with leaves and debris, which can make working on them tricky.

 Clearing blockages in early summer means they don’t build up and expand in the full summer heat – which could turn a small problem into a big one! And as many blockages will contain bacteria, which thrives in warm weather. So any problems with foul odours could escalate if not sorted over the summer months. Summer is when you want to enjoy being outside in the garden, not driven indoors by unbearable smells.

In summer there is also increased plant growth, with roots from trees and shrubs  causing new blockages or making existing ones much worse. And if it’s very dry the ground can shrink. Any pipes with small cracks could then collapse completely.

So early summer is a great time to nip all kinds of problems in the bud.

Sorting out any problems in summer also means your drains are then all ship shape and flowing freely in time for the winter.


The best way to make sure you have no drainage issues is to book in a CCTV survey, so give us a call at Happy Drains – we’re always happy to help!