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The drainage dangers that every home-buyer must get checked!

When you’re thinking of moving home, there are endless decisions to make. Is the location right? Can you afford the new property? Does the layout work for you and your family?


And, what state are the drains in?

It might not be the first question that comes to mind, but remember… your drainage system is part of the fundamental services to your property. Any faults could lead to problems including water damage, subsidence, and unpleasant smells. Not what you want to be faced with after you move in, so what needs to be checked before you sign those contracts?


Firstly, the pipes need to be inspected. Do they look corroded, cracked or damaged? Are any repairs necessary? Do they drain away properly, or is there a suspicion of any blockages? The age of the property could be a factor, as an older system might be more prone to problems. And new build homes may have had badly laid drainage. Also take into account the location and local weather conditions, such as whether the property is close to open water, like a river, or if there have been recent floods or droughts.


Of course, you or your surveyor can do a quick visual check yourselves, but with so much of the network being underground, it really is worth calling in the experts. Just lifting a manhole cover won’t reveal much. Happy Drains can carry out a full CCTV survey, allowing our engineers to see far inside your network of drains and sewers. The cost of a CCTV survey will be relatively inexpensive compared with the purchase price of a house!


Getting the property checked over by Happy Drains can help you make an informed decision about whether it really is going to be the home of your dreams!