Top 3 Drainage Checks to make Before Buying a Home

When you are looking at purchasing a home, one of the big things you need to check is the drainage system; any bad smells or blockages should be found and solved. You don’t want to move into a lovely new home and find out there’s issues with the drainage system, which can add to the stress of moving home.

One of the top problems that can occur is a blockage. This can cause the waste to not leave the property and can be a very horrible issue. It can cause a bad smell and mean that it is difficult to do things such as flush the toilet or drain the sink. If it is unable to flow away through the drains, then it will come back the other way and flood.

Another big issue is leaking drains. This can be caused due to a blockages, cracks, damage or just general wear and tear. If this seems to be an issue, you will need to get a drainage engineer to monitor the flow and pressure throughout the drainage system, allowing them to find out where the leak is coming from and the best way to solve it for you. Hopefully, this issue will then be fixed, or you can be given advice on your next steps.

A common issue is root intrusion. This can begin due to a crack or loose joint in a pipe. Due to roots being attracted to water vapour, of which will be escaping from any cracks or loose joints, they will push their way through and start feeding off the water and grow. As it gets larger it will get caught with any paper, grease or solids, which can quickly cause a blocked drain.

A good way to check for any problems will be via a home buyers drainage survey/CCTV survey. This will allow you to see for any blockages, collapsed pipes, fractures, leaks, displaced joints and root intrusion. A drain surveyor will be able to tell you any issues by using their equipment and expertise. It might also be a good idea to get a survey showing exactly what part of the drainage system would belong to you, so you know who is responsible for what section if there is a problem.

At Happy Drains, we have been in the business for 25 years and have many skilled drainage engineers. We can help with any drain repairs or blockages. We can also conduct a CCTV survey for you to find any issues. Contact us for one of our services today and we will send along one of our friendly and helpful workers to your aid.