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What Type of Pipe is Best for my Drains?

Did you know there are a range of different piping options available? These materials include clay, PVC, iron and copper to name a few. We’ve put together some details about the most popular types of pipe materials to help you decide what’s best for your drains.

Cast Iron 

Cast iron is ideal for a high-quality sanitary waste drain pipe. It is heavy and can reduce the sound of flowing waste water extremely well. Cast iron is very strong and long-lasting but can be difficult to cut, meaning professionals will be needed in the case of repairs.


PVC is now the standard material used in home waste line pipes and drains. This is because it is a very strong, chemical-resistant rigid pipe that is also completely heat resistant and easy to cut and fit. PVC is also used when cast iron pipes need repair, as well as other drain pipe materials.


Once a very popular material for pipes, galvanised iron is no longer as widely used in homes due to easily corroding and rusting. It is commonly replaced with copper pipes now, and is also difficult to cut, join and fit.


Copper can be rigid or flexible. Rigid copper comes in several thicknesses and has proven itself to be corrosion resistant. Copper is a soft metal in general however, so it can be easily cut and fabricated, though is also prone to damage. Copper has risen in price more recently, meaning PEX and CPVC are now more commonly used.


Though once widely used, clay pipes are rarely watertight, meaning leaks can quickly and easily occur. Clay is also an extremely heavy material, meaning it can sink into the soil, crack and break because of their weight and brittleness.

Choosing the right piping is not always an easy task. It’s vital to do some research to ensure the material you choose is ideal for your home.

If you would like further help or advice on the ideal materials for your waste and water pipes, we can help. For more information, get in touch with the Happy Drains team via our contact page or by calling 0800 849 8099.