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What drainage problems are covered by my insurance?

When disaster strikes, often the only silver lining is the thought that your insurance will cover it. But will it? The short answer is that cover varies from provider to provider, so you should check your policy carefully. Your insurance will probably include accidental damage cover, which may cover you for problems stemming from blocked drains, pipes, sinks or toilets; leaking pipes, leaking radiators, and dripping taps. Water damage is one of the most common reasons for domestic property damage claims, with insurers paying millions in claims every day.

Outdoors you might also expect to be covered for problems to drains, soakways, cesspits, septic tanks and other pipework, caused by tree root movement, vehicle activity like a heavy lorry on your driveway affecting a pipe underneath, or ground movement causing the pipes to crack or collapse.

Having said all that, you might not be covered if the cause of any blockages can be shown to be down to misuse and your own negligence, like flushing a disposable nappy down the toilet. Problems caused by vermin, poor design or workmanship, and normal wear and tear might not be considered “accidental”.

Of course, prevention is better than cure so make sure you limit any potential damage by being careful what you flush down pipes, and regularly check your drains, sinks, showers, toilets and appliances for signs of damage.

If all that sounds quite complex, don’t worry! Happy Drains are able to deal direct with your insurers. Our Drain Unblock service includes a CCTV survey to establish the exact cause of the issue, and we’ll then complete a full report. We will liaise direct with your insurers and if you’re covered, you can leave everything to us, unless of course there’s an excess to pay. For more information give us a call at Happy Drains on 0800 849 8099.