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“What is…” Your questions answered.

We get asked a number of times what is beyond just a residential drainage system and believe it or not it’s very extensive and complex. Over the last few months we’ve compiled a list of questions you have asked us and sat down one Sunday evening and answered them all…


Is a large or medium hole which is dug into the ground and filled with gravel to take on rainwater from a down-pipe. The main purpose of this is drain away excess water which is caused by heavy rainfall and helps prevent overflow or even worse, flooding. Soakaway’s are a very popular and effective in residential and business properties.

Surface Water

Simple, when rain falls to the ground it will flow into a surface water drainage system, beyond this it will then lead into a soakaway, ditch, public drainage system or river.

Flood Plain

A flood plain is an area of land adjacent and near to rivers and stream and periodically suffers from flooding during periods of heavy rain. The rivers fill, break their banks and then overflow to cause flooding in those areas.

High Pressure Jetting

We use high pressure jetting regularly on removing all type of blockages that are just difficult for our expert engineers to access. It’s a cost effective and powerful tool to get your drainage system up and running again.

CCTV Survey

A CCTV drain survey is a detailed inspection of a drainage system, a camera which is driven or pushed through the system. The live feed is then thoroughly examined in detail, to identify any issues that might be present. A condition report is then generated to give an overview of the system in question.

Drainage Survey

A drainage survey is undertaken using a specially manufactured camera system which is driven or pushed through the system. The live feed is then thoroughly examined in detail to identify any issues that might be present.

Homebuyers Drain Survey

Is a detailed and thorough inspection of your property’s drainage system that you are proposing to purchase. It’s an extremely important survey that we highly recommend and will give you a detailed report of the current condition of the drainage system and highlight any faults or potential fixes that will be required in the future, all in all it’s here to save you money and time.