Drain Insurance Claims Handling

6 simple steps to get your drain problem fixed and your claim paid

Step 1: Some part of your drainage or sewage system is blocked or leaking. Call Happy Drains, and request our Drain Unblock service, and we’ll send an approved local contractor to resolve your emergency quickly. As part of a Drain Unblock the contractor will also carry out a free CCTV inspection to identify the problem (such as a broken pipe or drain). This inspection is free to the householder or businesses, but if a fault is found, we can complete a full CCTV survey and report subject to the following steps.

Step 2: Check your insurance policy. If your home or commercial premises are covered for accidental damage, Happy Drains can manage the claim for you and deal with the insurance company

Step 3: If you would like us to manage the claim for you, we need your authority to do so. This is part of the FCA regulations we are authorised under. All you need to do is download and print the authorisation form from this website, fill in your information, then send it back to us.

Step 4: We present the survey findings and our report, including the quotation, to you and to your insurance company. Then we manage the claim for you.

Step 5: Your insurance company agrees the claim and authorises the work to be carried out. If you have opted for an excess amount on your insurance policy, we ask you to pay this excess to us at this stage, because the insurer will pay us LESS your excess amount.

Step 6: We engage a contractor to carry out the necessary repairs. The insurer pays Happy Drains and we pay our contractor.

That’s all!

You never need to argue with the insurer, make lots of frustrating phone calls, or worry about finding a firm to do the job.

Happy Drains does it all for you.

  • Happy Drains takes over all the time-consuming and frustrating activities involved in making a claim and dealing with the insurance company.  This is our business and we work to get your claim paid
  • Happy Drains’ claim handling service is free to you, the customer – if your insurance policy covers the claim you’re making, you don’t pay us anything
  • We do it all for you – get a contractor to resolve your emergency, survey the problem, put together a report on the work to be done, present it to the insurance company and get your claim paid
  • You never need to argue with the insurer, make lots of frustrating phone calls, or worry about finding a firm to do the job – Happy Drains does it all for you.
  • We know this business and will deal professionally with the insurance company to get a fair result
  • Happy Drains is authorised and regulated by the FCA, so you can be confident of our professionalism.


Authorised & regulated by the FCA