3 Signs your Drains have Collapsed

A collapsed drain is a serious problem and will require immediate attention. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to look out for a collapsed drain if you are unaware of the warning signs. We’ve put together three signs of a collapsed drain to help you identify and resolve issues quickly.


Water flow becomes disrupted when a drain has collapsed, which can eventually lead to water entering the ground around the drain and the pipe itself. If you think a drain may have collapsed underneath your house, you may begin to notice signs of damp on the walls or floor. Damp can quickly turn into a serious problem that can be detrimental to our health.

Slow Draining

If your shower, bath or sinks are draining noticeably slower than usual, it could be the first indication of a drain problem. Slow drainage suggests that there is a blockage, but a collapsed drain will also make your drainage seem poor. Blockages can be caused by collapsed pipes, so once the blockage has been cleared, you will be able to inspect further. A professional drainage expert will need to conduct a CCTV survey to get a better look at the issues your drains are experiencing.


If your collapsed drain sits beneath your home and has gone unnoticed for some time, you may begin to notice cracks and damage to the structure of the property beginning to appear. If cracks have suddenly appeared in your home, flooring, driveway or garage floor, make sure to investigate the problem immediately. Repairing the cracks will be a temporary fix, as they will only repair over time if the drain stays collapsed.

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