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How to Locate your Properties Drains

If you’re wondering exactly where your properties drains are located, we can help. You may need to locate your drainage system in order to check for any blockages, breakages or for regular maintenance.

You should first locate your sewer/drain manhole cover, which can be found along the line of where the drain runs. This can be located anywhere in your garden and will be made of metal or plastic (if it is new). If there isn’t one visible, it may be covered over with grass, flowers or other substances, but you can use a metal detector to find it.

Your drain manhole will be around 2ft wide and can be round or triangular. Some properties will not have a manhole located on their property, particularly if you share a sewer with your neighbours, it may be located on their property.

Your local council may have plans of the drains beneath your house, which could include the drain layout. The council may be willing to extract these for you, but it depends on how old the house is and if they are still available. However, you should remember that it is not guaranteed your drainage system will be identical to that on the initial property plan and you may be charged.

There are alternative solutions if you cannot find your drains yourself or do not want to contact the council. A CCTV drain surveyor will be able to locate and lift your manholes and investigate your drains.

At We Love Drains, we can conduct CCTV inspection and surveys to ensure your drains are in running order. Whether you’ve recently moved home, are thinking of adding an extension to your home or just want to ensure your drains are as they should be, get in touch with the We Love Drains team today for more information by calling us on 0800 849 8099 or via our contact page.