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Having A CCTV Survey – What Happens & What It Could Uncover

Having a CCTV Drain Survey carried out can give you many details on the drainage of your home or property. This full technical report will bring to light any crucial issues within your drainage system, meaning if any problems are uncovered during the inspection, appropriate action can be taken.

When having a CCTV Drain Survey, a professional will send high tech CCTV drain cameras down into your drainage system to look at any faults. They will then record these results and, if needed, will recommend the best type of repair.

A whole host of issues can be uncovered because of a CCTV Drain Survey, and these can include both major and minor issues from structural damage to grime build-up and blockages. Issues which can be spotted include:
Collapsed drains
Displacement or poor installation
Evidence of animals
Drain wear and tear
Tree roots
Leaks/bursts in pipes & their causes

For any issues which are uncovered, the professional will give you all the details you need to make the most cost-effective decision to resolve it. Not all defects need repairing, so make sure you personally look at the findings so that you’re comfortable with any advice or repair quotes you’re given.

At Happy Drains, we’re able to provide this service and will happily undertake the procedure, give you an overview of all the pipework and go through any of the results with you. Contact us today for more information on our CCTV drain inspections on 0800 849 099 or email us at service@happydrains.co.uk.