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Common Drain Terms & Problems

If you ever need to call us out to look at a drainage issue on your property, you may want to know a little bit more about the problem we’re assessing. Below are some of the terms and problems which are common for us here at Happy Drains which might help you to understand what we’re talking about.

DRAIN – a pipe that drains water and waste from a building and other buildings which belong with it, such as a garage

LATERAL DRAIN – a length of pipe which carries wastewater away from your property to a sewer, usually located outside your property boundary

SEWER – collects water and waste from the drains of a number of buildings. Most sewers are maintained by a water company and publicly owned

SEPTIC TANK – these are buried, water-tight containers usually made of concrete which hold the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle down to the bottom forming sludge. They use a simple treatment process which allows the treated wastewater to drain away to a soakaway or stream

CESSPIT – a sealed underground tank that simply collects wastewater and sewage. There is no processing or treatment involved

CCTV DRAIN SURVEY – this is when we use a CCTV camera to allow our engineers to make a better-informed decision regarding any faulty drains that you may be experiencing problems with

BELLIED PIPEWORK/DRAIN– where a pipe or drain sags or has a low spot. This interferes with the normal flow of wastewater through the pipe

FRENCH DRAINAGE – a trench filled with a perforated pipe and gravel that allows water to drain naturally

SOAKAWAY – a hole dug into the ground and filled with plastic crates which makes a void where rainwater can be stored until it seeps into the ground

If you need more information or help with a drain issue, contact us today on 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 or email service@happydrains.co.uk