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Freezing Pipe Solutions

As the temperature drops during the winter months, your pipes and drains are more at risk of freezing. Your pipes will usually have water in them, even if the taps are not turned on. That means, if the surrounding temperature drops low enough, this water might freeze, not only causing your water to stop running, but might also burst the pipe causing serious damage. So, it’s important to take some precautions over the winter.


Preventing the big freeze

  • Don’t let your heating drop below 12 degrees C – This will keep your pipes and home warm enough to help prevent freezing occurring
  • Insulate any pipes and tanks located in colder spots – If you have pipes that reach cold areas of your property, including outside taps, wrap the pipe with some sponge covers to help stop the cold air getting in
  • Going away during the wintertime? Make sure you have your frost protection switched on, on your thermostat and boiler. You may also consider draining your pipes completely from your system


Top tips on how to thaw your pipes… just in-case

  • Make sure you know how to turn off your water main – If your pipes do burst, this is the first thing you need to do before calling for help
  • Try to locate the frozen pipe – Check all your taps as you might be able to eliminate sections of pipes if the water flows freely from it. Exposed pipes and unheated sections will be more at risk
  • Slowly defrost the water – Try pointing a warm hairdryer at the area to gradually warm up the pipe or wrap the pipe in thick blankets/towels
  • Turn the heating up – If you think an enclosed pipe is frozen, try turning up your thermostat to heat the house as this could help melt the ice in the pipe that’s in a hard to reach spot

If you think your pipes or drains are damaged or leaking, the best thing to do is call one of our professional engineers immediately for help. We will help identify the problem quickly and get it sorted. Call us now on 0800 849 8099 for more information.