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Common Drainage Questions: Happy Drains

Here at Happy Drains, we’re experts when it comes to solving, repairing and preventing further drain problems for your household and business. Over the years our expert engineers have seen it all, and no job is ever too big for us to resolve and make your drainage problem disappear.

From blocked drains to overflowing toilets, our engineers have put our customers very worst fears to rest when fixing drainage problems. Now, it’s time for us to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about drainage systems that we’ve had.

Why does my drain keep getting blocked?

Unfortunately, the most common problem we see with blocked drains is everyday household materials. You know, the usual ‘unflushables’ such as paper and sanity towels are the biggest cause but our expert engineers have also come across the odd dog and kids toy which have caused a major blockage over the years. We even put together a previous blog on the 5 strangest things found in a drain!

If we have identified that you don’t have any household materials causing the blockage, we offer an extensive professional deep drain cleaning service. This will give us an in-depth look into your drainage system which will help us identify what the long-standing blockage will be and help prevent the problem occurring once again.

How do you repair a broken drain?

Once we have done our extensive deep drain unblocking service, we offer two services which will guarantee the repair and long term stability of your drain system.

We will start by doing a full inspection of your drainage system. Sometimes clear damage of the system can be visible and easily fixed on the spot by one of our expert engineers.

If we are unable to do this, we will do a full CCTV survey of your drainage system. This involves us using a pinhole waterproof camera which can help us check every inch of piping leading into and out of the property and surrounding areas. Our CCTV equipment has been tested to meet regulations and to ensure we can check every pipe without missing a thing.

Once complete, we will report back to you our findings offering cost-effective solutions and identify the problem to ensure the damaged drain will remain in full working order to make sure the issue doesn’t return.

What are the costs?

Happy Drains are here to save the day and put your mind at ease. Many of our competitors in London and the UK add several extra charges for fixing blocked drains. We charge a fixed fee of £90 + VAT for a residential dwelling and if you are living in an apartment or flats our prices start from £125+VAT depending on the complexities of the job at hand.

Who do I contact?

If your attempt at a DIY drainage fix hasn’t resolved the issue, then one of our industry professional expert Happy Drains engineers are available to help support and resolve your pesky problems. We’re available 24 hours a day on 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099.