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5 Strangest things found in a drain

We’ve all done it. A big tidy around the house and we’ve turned the sofa upside down for its annual clean. One eye squinting, you push your hands down the sides of the cushions hoping your mate who was around at the weekend dropped a cheeky crisp £5 note. Your eyes light up. Bingo. You’ve found something.. Ah wait. It is.. Damn! It’s a tissue, a used one too after she spent the night blowing her nose, after picking up the dreaded London Tube flu last week. However, your drains can be hiding some weird and wonderful things. Here are some of the strangest things that have been found around the world.

Right place, right time

This lucky drain cleaner in Essex might not have found a £5 note under his sofa but believe it or not, when up on the ladders at a property near Chalkwell rail station, the cleaner discovered four watches that were in prime condition. After taking his findings to a local watch shop the owner confirmed he had come across an Omega, Frank Muller and Rolex watch at a combined value of £60,000. Result.

Toy Story is real

You heard it here first folks. A drain inspector in Dumfries in Scotland had a minor shock when he was inspecting the drainage system in a terraced house. A whole platoon of soldiers was in position appearing to wait for orders. Now if this real proof Toy Story has come to life or some child had lined them up to protect his bedroom we will never know.


Watches, money, and rings are the most popular items located in drains around London and the UK. Believe it or not, false teeth are also the most common finds too. Your guess is as good as ours on how these end up in drainage systems, but if you know the answer please do let us know.

Snakes in your drains

Before you panic. This isn’t a UK based finding, but it isn’t impossible. A man in Sydney Australia had an amazing slippery finding when a snake appeared in his bathroom sink bowl. The local animal authority had later discovered the snake had got into the property through the drainage system after deciding the comfort and darkness of the pipes were no longer comfortable for it.

15-tonne blob

Fatberg. Yes, this 15-tonne blob of fat wouldn’t be supported within a drain system but they do play a part in the huge one that was discovered in the sewage system in London in 2017.  But we feel it’s important to remind people to be mindful of what they flush and wash down sinks in the future.