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Drains – Give them our CCTV Survey Report

In your lifetime your are bound to be the proud owner of a new property, or be a tenant if you live in London. Either way, you have to do a lot of inspections on your new property before you sign on the dotted line and have the keys in your hands.

One of the most important inspection of any property is to ensure the drain system Is in full working order.  Any internal/external damage can cause an expensive and disruptive start in your new property. Blocked drains can cause unwanted smells and standing water which can also be a huge problem.

“So what next, how do I ensure my property has a fully working drainage system?” We hear you ask.

We will first attend your property and do an extensive survey of your drainage system. This involves us using a pin hole camera which can check every inch of piping leading into and out of the property and surrounding areas.

Once that is complete, we will report back to you the findings, offering the quickest, simplest and most cost effective way to put right any issues with your drainage we may identify. We will provide you a full technical report, including detailed specifications and quotes for any work that is required to be carried out by our expert engineers.

If you have any damage to your internal or external pipework and are considering claiming through your building insurance we are more than happy to help assist and if required can take over the claim for you. We will use the CCTV survey as part of a clear written report for your insurance company.

If you’re not covered, you can still use Happy Drains to organise the repair, and then pay for it yourself (we’ll agree a cost with you at the start). Or you can decide not to do the repair and simply pay for the unblocking or other initial emergency work.

The CCTV survey is paid for by the insurance company as part of the settlement of your claim, but if the survey finds no problem you can claim for, then there’s nothing to pay – we waive the survey cost. 

For more information call us on 07824 757572 or 0800 849 8099.