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Drain BO – How to make them smell sweet again

Come on now, hands up. Who’s been on the London Underground and had a face full of armpit during a packed commuter train? Yes, it’s not pleasant that awful stench of BO. Especially on a long Northern line journey home from a long day.

You get home, open the gate and that stench from Barry BO appears to have followed you home, then you do a shoulder check and he’s not there. “What is it” you say? You get to your front door and the stench is unbearable. Ahh, you crouch down behind the plant pot and find the culprit. It’s your drains. There are many causes of drains BO and here’s what they are.

The best place to start is what causes your drains to smell. Not only do they leave an awful odour around your property they can begin leaving a smell within your property. That’s when you know you have a serious issue.

The top cause for drains BO is trapped food within your sink pipes. Even if your super careful disposing of food waste after dinner, fragments of food built up over time can decompose within the drainage system leaving that unbearable smell.

A tip to prevent blockage of food waste within your drains is to fill your sink with boiling water and add bleach. This should do the trick when repeated.

Another home remedy is the trusty baking soda trick. It’s an extremely popular cleaning and blockage remedy used in the kitchens and bathrooms for decades (ask your grandparents). Use a similar approach to the bleach method and again repeat if it doesn’t work first time. Baking soda is always guaranteed to leave a sweet-smelling odour after use.

If these home remedies fail to work then just give us a call and we can have your drains smelling wonderful again in no time!