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Give your drains some love

This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. Who do you love? Your partner. Your kids. Your Mum of course. Some of us have pets that we love. And others have a love / hate relationship with their football team!

But you should also love… your drains!

By giving your drains a little care and attention, they’ll reward you by not backing up, clogging, or producing offensive smells. So here are our top tips to show your drains some love:

Love your loo!

Don’t put anything other than toilet paper down the toilet – so no wet wipes, cotton make up pads, dental floss or feminine hygiene products, for example.

Don’t break your heart!

The kitchen’s at the heart of the home. So, you don’t want heartbreak. Don’t pour fats, grease and oils down the kitchen sink. Once they cool and solidify, they’ll start to cause a blockage or a fatberg in the pipes and sewers. Same goes for other food waste like coffee grounds and grains of rice. And avoid getting rid of chemicals like paint or white spirit down the sink, no-one wants them contaminating the ground water.

It’s also a good idea to flush the sink regularly with drain cleaner, or for a cheaper home remedy, try baking powder and boiling water.

Have some good clean fun!

Pamper that bathroom. Clear the hairs in your shower or bath plughole. Maybe a drain guard would be a good investment? And if you have those pop-up stoppers in the bathroom sink, clean off any build up of soap scum, hair, and toothpaste that could clog the mechanism.

Love the outdoors too!

Check your outside drains for any damage or blockages – clear fallen leaves away, and don’t forget the gutters too!

And finally, remember that the course of true love sometimes does not run smoothly – so if your drains are giving you any trouble at all, give us a call at Happy Drains and we’ll come and work our magic!