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What’s involved in re-lining drains

If a drain has become cracked or split, then it can possibly be repaired without digging it up completely. Drain lining involves inserting a new drain liner that runs inside the old pipe.

It can be a quicker and more cost-effective solution as it requires less labour and equipment than digging up and replacing pipework. There is also minimal disruption for you.

Firstly we’ll use our CCTV systems to inspect the pipework. Then we can assess exactly what repair would be most suitable. One common method is to install a resin drain lining that bonds to the inside of the existing pipe. Firstly we will thoroughly clean the section of pipe that needs to be relined, often by way of a high pressure jetting system. Tubular material such as uPVC that’s saturated with resin is inserted into the cracked drain pipe, often with a winch or with air pressure. An inflatable device is then used to expand the material in order to fit the interior of the pipe. This is then hardened using UV light or heat until it becomes sturdy and solid, and the inflatable can be removed. Once the new lining has properly sealed to any holes or damaged areas of the pipe, it can be safely used.

In many cases, drain lining will last for a considerable time, but it is not a permanent solution, as the liner will eventually wear out or become damaged.

Sometimes, though, drain lining is not a suitable solution. Maybe the damage to your drain is too severe for relining to be effective, and the drain may need to be replaced. Or the drains may be too deep and inaccessible, or built of the wrong material for drain lining to work.

If you suspect you have a serious drain problem, give us a call at Happy Drains on 0800 849 8099 and our friendly, professional team of experts can come and run through all your options. You’ll soon have drains that flow freely and will work efficiently for years to come.