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How to tell if your drains are blocked

If you missed our Christmas updates on what not to put down your sink when clearing the plates over Christmas and New Year you could be harming your drains.

One of the most common problems with drains is pipe blockages; this usually occurs for one of two reasons, build-up of waste or a collapsed pipe. Ignoring the signs that your drains are blocked could results in a much bigger problem with property damages and heightened costs when it comes to repairing the problems.

Sometimes you can be fortunate enough that your drains clear naturally through the pressure of the water flowing into the drain, this can dislodge the built-up waste and have them running normally once again, however, some blocked drains can be unruly to shift.

At some point in everyones life they will become subject to blocked drains, we’ve outlined some easy to spot signs which point to a blocked drain, helping you spot the problem before it gets worse.

  1. The Smell

If your drains are starting to smell it could point to trapped and rotting elements stuck down that plug hole. Disposal of everyday household waste down the drain or sink may be a simple option, however the build up of the household waste can accumulate to a trapped, rotting, and foul smelling blockage.

  1. Slow Draining Sinks

When you bath water takes for ever to disappear, your dirty dish water keeps lingering, or when your shower starts to create a puddle around your feet these are all signs from your drains that they are feeling rather poorly. Slow draining plugholes usually indicate that the water is struggling to get past some form of blockage.

  1. Gurgling Water

If your drains sound like their rinsing with mouthwash it could be that there is trapped water which is finding it difficult to make its way through your drains. Gurgling noises from sinks, toilets or showers indicates blocked drains.

Noticing these signs will give you a better chance of restoring any issues. If you should discover these issues you can try cleaning them yourself, have a look at one of our previous blogs to see how

If you have tried to solve the problem by yourself and are still seeing the signs that your drains are blocked, give our team a call on 0800 849 8099.