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Take the hassle out of a Drainage Insurance Claim

When a drain issues strike, we can take care of everything; you’ll never need to argue with the insurer, make lots of frustrating phone calls, or worry about finding a firm to do the job.

When you request our Drain Unblock service, our team will provide free CCTV inspection to identify the problems that have caused your blockage of leakage. Once we recognise the problem, we can complete a full CCTV Survey and report our findings.

Once we have an understanding of the work required to restore your drains to their original state, we will provide you with a quote; what we quote is what you pay!

However, if you have an insurance policy on your home or commercial premises that cover for accidental damage Happy Drains can manage the claim for you, and deal directly with your insurance provider, removing the hassle of endless, frustrating phone calls.

Once you fill out the letter of authority on our website, we can then begin communicating on your behalf with your insurance provider, and unless you have an excess to pay you’re finished; it’s that simple!

If you do have an excess to fund this will be made payable to Happy Drains who will pass it to your insurer to obtain payment for the quoted work.

Once your insurer makes payment Happy Drains will resolve all issues regarding your drainage and have your pipes running as usual.

If you’d like to know more visit our site to see this process and the forms to complete your claim via Happy Drains