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Preparing pipes and drains for winter

Winter is coming so get set for those plummeting winter temperatures and snapping frosty periods and make sure your pipes and drains are well protected. The last thing you want during the winter is your pipes cracking or bursting and potentially ruining your home.

So here are a few tips on how you can prevent these common winter issues…



Take a good look at all areas of your home and inspect any taps or amenities to check for any leaks or problems.  If you spot any, patch them up using a patch kit or contact us, as we can sort the issue for you.

Insulate your pipes

Any exposed pipes, drains, cisterns, or other water-containing structures should be drained for winter if you’re not going to use them – while those that will still be in use should be insulated. You can buy circular insulation from a DIY store, or you can use heat tape, cable or even some sponge if it’s in an area which won’t get wet such as a car port.


Drain outdoor pipes which aren’t in use

If you’ve got outdoor appliances or water features, check any manufacturer advice, and drain the pipes to these appliances to stop freezing water. If you have any hosepipes that are exposed to the elements, drain these too. Also make sure to close any indoor valves of outdoor taps if you’re not using them across the winter months but be sure to leave outdoor ones open to allow the water to expand safely.


Clear drain grates and install drain protection

The quicker way to make sure your drains do their job over the winter is to clean them. Make sure to remove any leaves, mud or debris which may block up your drain. If leaves are still falling you can also purchase a drain protector formed out of a non-freeze plastic which will keep your drain guarded against frozen water damage and any debris too.


Monitor your indoor heating

Sudden bursts of heat can cause issues, so one of the easiest ways you can prevent frost damage at home is to keep your heating on low throughout the winter. This shouldn’t result in a higher heating bill as stop-start periods of heating and sudden cooling will require more energy.

Remember, if you need any help with your pipes or drains this winter, call us on 07824 757572 and speak to one of our friendly advisors who can help.