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Stop the blockage and bin your food waste this Christmas

You cannot beat a great Christmas get together but you don’t want a drain problem to spoil your fun. Christmas is a great time for food but with extra cooking and food prep comes a higher risk of problems with kitchen sinks, drains and drainage. So here are a few top tips on what to do and what not to do this Christmas so you can avoid a pain in the drain this festive season.

Bin It!

Potato peeling, sprout cut offs, bits of meat, that left over sausage and food plate scrapings – all this needs to go in the bin, compost of food waste container NOT the kitchen sink. Binning as many solid items that you can, will combat blockages in your drains

Don’t Pour Your Fats

If you’ve cooked a turkey or ham this Christmas, don’t pour your hot liquid fat down the plughole. This fat will harden as it cools and can cause blockages in your pipes. Instead, pour into a cup and let harden, then chuck out in your garden for wildlife to eat. You can also mix with bird feed to make fat balls for your garden.

Use A Sink Strainer

Washing up lots of plates from a big roast dinner can mean lots of food particles making their way into the drain. To limit this, invest in a strainer for your plughole and this will catch any larger bits of food which would normally go through the gaps in the plughole. Once you’ve drained your water just chuck anything from the strainer into the bin, compost or food waste.

This Christmas, remember, stop the blockage, and bin it.  If you do have any drain issues over the Christmas period, don’t be afraid to contact us. You can call 0800 849 8099 or 07824 757572.