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Signs you have a collapsed drain.

When a collapsed drain occurs, it can lead to many unwanted issues in and around your property. Collapsed drains are the result of overall poor drain maintenance, severe pipe damage, ground movement and weather. Drains and sewers are regularly checked and maintained by your local water company to avoid the above issues, but damage can be unavoidable and happen any time. 



One of the first signs of collapsed drains is, you guessed it; the smell, and what a pong it will be! You will start to notice a foul sewage smell around areas of your pipes. Bathrooms, kitchens and especially open sources such as sink holes and toilets are the main sources. 



We’ve spoke about it in our previous articles at length and highlighted DIY fixes to remove blockages from drains. But if these tried and tested methods have failed to resolve the obstruction then this will point to a collapsed drain preventing the water flow to pass through the drainage system. 


Damp or Mould

Patches of nasty looking damp or mould will start to appear in areas the pipes are situated. This is one of the clearest signs you have a blocked or collapsed drain. This must be treated immediately as it can create an unhealthy living environment not only on the eye, but also on your family’s health. 

Most home insurance policies do cover accidental damage to pipes but do check your policy by contacting them directly. If you live in a shared building contact your landlord or building owner. 

Our expert engineers are available to assist you and with years of experience specialising in drainage issues, we’ll be able to help resolve the problem for you no matter how big, or small, the problem is. 

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