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Summer Maintenance

It’s the summer and there are so many great things to do – going on holiday, seeing family and friends, heading to the park, out for picnics or even tacking some garden DIY! But something that might not be on your list of summer activities is drain maintenance around your home, but it really is a great time to check your drains.

Drains unfortunately are a breeding ground for bacteria and in the warmer summer months can cause some problems such as smells and blockages. Cleaning your drains thoroughly will prevent these build ups and issues occurring. It’s also a great time to spot small issues which may get worse during the colder months such as slow draining plugholes.

Check your guttering too, as over the winter debris and leaves will have gathered and getting rid of this now will mean your gutters will be clean heading into the autumn and will limit any drain blockages.


What can you do?

Of course, you can buy off the shelf cleaning products which can sort out your drains, but these can do more harm than good if you’re not really sure what problem you are having. If you’re looking for a thorough clean, contact us and we can inspect and sort any issues which may have occurred since your last drain inspection – if you’ve even had one.

Having your drains cleaned with us will ensure the pipework in your drainage system remains in tip-top shape for longer, meaning you will avoid bigger problems down the line which could cost a great deal to fix. Why not schedule in some drain maintenance now before the busy winter months? We are fully equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to clean a drain properly.

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