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Tackling surface water in your garden and driveway.

Wintertime means more harsh elements of rainy stormy weather, which means your drainage needs to be performing the best it can be. If you are noticing surface water in your gardens, patios, or driveways it a sure indicator something needs investigating.

Surface water can not only be a nuisance, but it can cause damage to your property & gardens and is especially dangerous in the colder months when temperatures will cause it to freeze becoming slippery.


Some simple steps to improving your garden drainage.

The first thing to do if you experience surface water is investigate all your drainage. Make sure they are free of leaves and debris, lift any grates in your drainage channels to make sure you check under the surface, as dirt and soil can also fill your drains.

Check your gutters and drainpipes at roof level too, overflowing water can create excess surface water in places around your property that might cause issues. If any of your gutters are blocked, giving them a cleaning out can solve the issue.

You could also install water butts to your downpipes to help with flow of water running down your drains, plus they are a great for saving water for plants, and inspect the quality of your lawn and flowerbeds, having some lawn, plants and flowers act as great water absorbers.



Driveways can be tricky as they tend to be concrete or hard surfaces with less areas for heavy rain to escape. The last thing you want is freezing driveway and entrance to your home. If your drains are clear of blockages there could some other reasons you keep experiencing surface water.

Depending on the quality of the driveway and materials used, the issue might be due to the foundations creating movement and dips in the driveway, which then collects pockets of water, this could mean you might need to look at repairing the drive or even have the driveway redone.

If the driveway is in good condition but lacks drainage such as surrounding lawns or flowerbeds, installing some channel drainage should help vastly. Channel drainage covers a large area greatly reducing the amount of water left on the surface.  


Need some help and advice?

If you have a blockage that is too hard to reach or think goes deeper, give us a call on 0800 849 8099 and have one of our experienced professionals inspect your drains. They will be able to help get the water flowing back down your drains again and advise on how to keep it that way.