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The Plunger – the best tool in the box

The plunger. Is arguably the best tool in the box. We think it should be renamed the lifesaver or even job done. It is a tool that can save the day for all your pesky plumbing needs and it’s a must every household should have one. They come in all shapes, sizes and you can always mix it up and be as colourful as you like but overall it will do the job. Can you tell we are a big fan? 

Just be mindful, there are two types of plungers. The flanger plunger is ideal for all toilets and has an extra flap attached. A plan cup plunger doesn’t have an extra flap but is suitable for all sinks, bathrooms and showers. 

To get going, fill your bathroom/kitchen sink with water ideally 3-4 inches full. Then make sure overflow holes are clogged up, ideally with a wet cloth. The reason for this is that the plumbing in your house is all connected so you want to create a seal. We also recommend plugging other sinkholes. 

It’s time to submerge the plunger over the sinkhole and give it some welly. Start by burping the plunger and you will see the cup will trap air inside acting like a sucker. After 20 seconds, all being well you will start to see the blockage appearing out of the sinkhole. Remove and continue to plunge until you are comfortable the sinkhole is now clear. Empty the sink basin and run the taps. Fingers crossed, the sink runs a treat and your new best friend the plunger has done its job. 

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