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How to clean the U bend

The U-Bend or trap as it is commonly known is a critical part of your waste water disposal system. Without the a U-Bend installed, waste gasses would come back up your sink and linger around your house leaving a very unpleasant smell. Not good.  It also has a second purpose and that is to help prevent unwanted objects/debris blocking your drainage system.  This needs to be clean and checked on a regular basis and we are going to talk you through how this can be done:

Step One

First off grab a bucket. You’ll need it. Place this under the U-Bend and begin losing up the pipe. Nine times out of ten this can be down by hand but do keep a wrench to hand if required. This will then start realising water and once it’s empty pour the water down the toilet or dispose outside.

Step Two

Begin removing any debris/blockages within the U-Bend. This can be done with a number of tools such as metal coal hanger, snake pipe or wire brush all proven blockage removers.

Step Three

If you’re satisfied it is now clogged free begin running the U-Bend under a tap ensuring it is clean and ready to be installed back. Re-fit the U-Bend ensuring It is tightly secured, as if it isn’t you will be dealing with a flooded bathroom or kitchen. Job done.

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