The Rat Problem

Rats tend to be an issue at any time of the year. However, as we approach a time when there are larger amounts of chocolate in our households increases the likelihood of a rat sniffing it out!

Knowing you have a rat problem can be upsetting, that is why we’re here to help you avoid the situation before it arises. Rats require daily access to a water source, making drains one of the most common places to find a rat.

Here are some top tips to stop rats approaching your property:

    1. Ensure the exterior of your property is kept tidy from debris, food waste or litter. Less clutter and tasty treats means you’re less likely to find rats on your property.

  1. When disposing of refuse ensure they are in properly closed bins. Overflowing bins or rubbish bags left outside is like popcorn at the cinema to a rat, the temptation of the smell will carry its nose until it’s found!
  2. Pet food and bird seed debris, if leaving any of it outside for your pets ensure it is left in tightly sealed containers. Reduction of access means a rat is less likely to attempt to reach it.

Keeping them off your property may seem straight forward… but what about your drains?

Rat Blocker Stopper Anti-Vermin ValveRats are nimble, cunning and great swimmers, so how can you stop them from appearing in your toilet bowl?

Happy Drains Anti-Rat and Vermin Non-Return Valve stops rodents and noxious fumes from entering your property from the sewage system! It is also easy to install within an existing manhole or soil pipe with no additional equipment required. However, if you feel you’d like to leave it to the pro’s we can install it for you!

If you’re worried about rats coming through your drains you can Buy the Happy Drains Rat Blocker from our shop.