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Pea Gravel vs Stone Gravel

If you’re looking to add some eye catching landscaping to your next project then look no further than adding a bay of gravel for your drain flow to end. What shall we add? We hear you ask.

The two most common ditches are either a pea or stone gravel. Here’s what they do.

It’s pretty simple really. A large or small ditch can be dug which can either flow downhill or at a shallow angle away from the property. Water from your drains will flow into the gravel pit and absorb. Both have advantages, and both can be affective.

Pea Grave – Is the most popular within London and the rest of the country. The reason for this is because of its size, texture and variation of colours. It unlikely to puncture piping over time and visually looks impressive. It can also be used for plant beddings and walkways within your property.

Stone Gravel – Is also very popular because of its durability. Traditionally using large stone gravels are more effective as they allow more space for water drainage. The downside to this is leaving the spaces vulnerable for overflowing water or general clogging. You can also use any spare stones for garden decorations.

Mix it up! – If both options appeal to you, then nothing is stopping you using pea and stone gravel together. It has many benefits, especially filling out the vacant spaces when using stone. It is the more expensive option, but visually and longevity the benefits are worth it.