‘Tis The Season for Freezin’

Whether it’s the stunning London lights or your all-time favourite winter hits on the radio, there are a thousand and one positive reminders that it’s winter. And while we all get caught up in the merriment of the season, it’s easy to push aside those not-so-positive reminders such as the monumental drop in temperature.

Just as it becomes part of the winter morning routine to wrap up warm, employ the woolliest of hats and get to work defrosting your car, it’s worth making home care a big part of that routine too. In particular, your pipes and drains.


Prevention is always better than cure
Frozen piping or drainage isn’t just inconvenient, it can be costly, and depending on just how cold it gets, even your interior pipes could be at risk. So what are the best things to do to stop a big freeze effecting your bank account?

Keep all exterior doors closed
Okay, we know this one is a fairly obvious one. But one of the exterior doors that can often be overlooked is actually your garage door. If there are pipes near or even inside, it’s a definite no-no to leave it open. And what about cellar doors? Take a look at all the exterior doors you don’t use so much and make sure they’re shut tight this winter.

Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets
When your home or business feels warm and snug, make sure your pipes aren’t missing out. Open those cabinet doors and allow the warm air to circulate where it doesn’t always get the chance. And remember, if you’re going to open those cabinets, make sure harmful cleaning chemicals are out of reach of children.

Try and keep the temperature consistent
The coldest part of the day is, ironically, the time most of us turn off the heating. A lot of turn off the heating all together when it comes to bedtime, but considering just turning it down, will ensure pipes and drains stay warm.

Let it… drip
Even cold running water (and even if it’s running to a drip) will prevent freezing. So if you have a really problem drain or pipe, keep it running at a drip on the coldest days to prevent freezing.

Give Happy Drains a call
If you’ve done all you can and things are still freezing up, get in touch with the team at Happy Drains, and we’ll address the problem right at the source. Making sure your water still flows freely this winter.