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What causes noisy drains?

Have you got a pain in the drain? Are your drains noisy and you can’t work out why? Then let us help. Noisy drains can be caused by a few factors including a blocked drain, blocked sewer line, a damaged trap, or a blocked vent system.

Here are a few things to look out for and what you can do.


Blocked Drain

If you’ve got a gurgling bath, sink or shower drain it’s most likely a blockage of some kind. Check if your water is draining slower than usual and give it a good clean with either a homemade solution or a shop bought drain cleaner. If it was blocked, this should remove the problem and get rid of that annoying noise too. 


Blocked Sewer Line

All homes (unless off grid or using a septic tank) will have a large pipe which will take all the wastewater from every drain to the main sewer line. If the sewer line gets blocked up, this will affect all the drains in your home. So, if you’re noticing a noise in the kitchen and bathroom upstairs this maybe your issue. The most common reasons why you could have a blocked sewer line is tree roots getting into the pipes or bathroom products such as baby wipes, face wipes, cotton buds etc if they’ve been flushed down the toilet. If you suspect you have a blocked sewer line, call in the professionals, us at Happy Drains and we’ll be happy to help.


Damaged Trap

The trap in a drain is there to prevent drain odours travelling up the pipe and out into the air. It uses a water seal which prevents stinky sewer gas coming out of your plugholes and toilets. The trap is simply a piece of curved piped which holds some water so stop these smells escaping, but if you’re getting that occasional whiff, then it might be damaged. Call us and we’ll be able to check this for you and get it fixed.


Blocked Vent System

Plumbing has vents to allow air to pass through drains, but sometimes if these become blocked, the flow of air is affected making a glugging sound when water is passed through, much like the sound of trying to pour water out of a bottle too quickly. If you suspect this is your issue, give us a call and we’ll be happy to look at the problem for you.


At Happy Drains we are always happy to offer advice and suggest a course of action. Give us a call on 07824 757572 today!