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What is Drain Relining

What is it?

If you have a cracked pipe, or a pipe that’s infiltrated with roots, has been corroded through time, or any other leaking drain pipes, pipe lining is a cost-effective way of fixing your drainage pipes in minimal time. Relining pipes is a procedure that repairs your pipes from the inside, essentially creating another strong, sometimes stronger than the original pipe, inside your damaged one.


How are drains relined?

Firstly, a CCTV inspection is undertaken to understand the level of damage and repair needed. Pipes are then cleaned, clearing any blockages and ensuring the lining will be going into clean pipes with a good surface. Once all the details of length and map of your pipework is determined, the lining process can then begin. The process uses a device that inserts a resin relining the pipes. This resin then needs to cure to build a durable and strong inner pipe before it can be used as normal.


Why have your drains relined?

There are many benefits of relining pipes vs replacing. One of the biggest benefits is that it takes away the need to dig, meaning your lawn, driveway or property is protected from costly, time consuming and messy works. The process is much more environmentally friendly too. Relining also makes your pipes much stronger, and protects you from corrosion, root intrusions, contamination and other forces of nature.


So instead of thinking you need to dig up your pipes and have them replaced, relining could be the perfect solution. If you think you have damaged pipes in your drainage system, the first step is giving us a call to see if you need a CCTV inspection. We’ll then advice you on the best solution to get your drains back to perfect condition again.