Why You Should Always Do A CCTV Drain survey

If you’re in construction, property development or architecture you’ll be aware of the importance of carrying out a comprehensive CCTV drain survey, ideally before any foundations are put in place. This will give you detailed findings and a report of the existing sewage and drainage system surrounding and linked to the ground the building work is to be carried out on. 

This is also the same for an extension to an existing building; such as residential, commercial and industrial. The architect or property developer will instruct you to have carried out a comprehensive CCTV drainage survey before any work is carried out. The reason for this is that they will be more than aware of the challenge above ground but will need our survey to ensure the correct drainage and sewerage services are available underneath the property also. 

A CCTV drain survey is done using our high-tech CCTV cameras which we insert into your drains to start the inspection. The cameras then give us a HD feed of the condition of your interior drainage and sewer system. This is especially helpful in the areas that are not visible to the naked eye. The results are presented in a detailed report outlining our findings and possible actions. 

Make sure a CCTV drain and sewer survey is at the top of your list when making any existing changes to your property, or starting from afresh.

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