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How NOT To Lockdown Your Drains

During lockdown, drain issues will still arise in the home and you might need to call in help. However, we understand having people inside your property won’t always be easy, especially if you’re shielding/self-isolating. Lockdowns have definitely changed aspects of our daily lives, with many of us now working at home. This means our drains are being used more than ever, so blockages could be on the rise.

Here are some maintenance tips you can do yourself, to keep your drains happy over the lockdown.

Lockdown Free Sinks

Start questioning yourself when pouring something down the sink – if you’re having doubts, it’s a sign not to do it! Blocked kitchen drains/pipes can be a challenging problem so prevent issues by disposing ALL of your food waste, cooking oils/ fats in your bins.

You can even get a sink drain strainer to catch any bits (also great for catching hair in the shower). But if your water is already draining slow and you need an unblocking solution, buy a drain unblocker, follow the instructions and hopefully it’ll help.

Lockdown Free Outside Drains

It’s getting colder and darker, and we’re spending less time outdoors. So, it’s understandable that your garden and drains might get overlooked.

Start by assessing your drain covers and make sure you have something in place to stop additional winter debris from entering the drains. If you don’t, purchase a cover and simply put in place.

Regularly sweep your garden and dispose of any waste, or better still, compost it. Don’t let it sit there, as the windy winter weather will see it being washed down your drains, potentially causing build ups.

Keeping on top of your drains with these steps will help you prevent the need for assistance. We are OPEN throughout the lockdown, so if you need us call 07824 757572 / 0800 849 8099 or email us at service@happydrains.co.uk