Case study Joe Law, Cowes, Isle of Wight

Case study
Joe Law, Cowes, Isle of Wight

When Joe Law (48), who lives in Cowes, Isle of Wight, realised his drain system needed replacing he knew he was covered under his buildings insurance policy. But when he contacted his insurer they refused to cough up, leaving him facing a huge bill.

Joe’s problems began when his drains became blocked and overflowed, leaking stinking water and waste all over his drive. A local contractor, Dial-a-Rod Environmental Services (DARES), was quick to respond to Joe’s cry for help. It unblocked the drain, which promptly clogged up again. Next, DARES tried sending a camera probe down the piping but the drain had collapsed and the damage was so severe it couldn’t pass through.

DARES drained the property’s manhole a couple of times but reluctantly concluded that the entire drain system needed replacing at a cost of £3,000. It knew Joe’s building insurer as one that often tries to wriggle out of paying claims sometimes reneging on them altogether, but Joe’s policy clearly stated cover for drain problems under the accidental damage clause so it seemed a clear cut case.

To Joe’s horror, the insurer’s representative denied the cover extended to drain damage and flatly refused to progress his claim or to even give him a claim number. When Joe insisted his claim was genuine the representative was extremely rude.

After DARES tried unsuccessfully to pursue the insurer, it recommended Joe contact drain specialist Happy Drains, which uses a nationwide network of contractors to get drain problems fixed immediately then manages insurance claims on behalf of its customers.

“When I called Happy Drains’s offices I immediately received a sympathetic ear and was assured they would take the claim on at no cost,” comments Joe. “Its representatives talked to DARES to find out the exact nature of the damage to my drains and what was required to fix it, before liaising with my insurance company to progress the claim.”

Happy Drains is savvy when it comes to dealing with difficult insurers and, sure enough, after about a month of dialogue, Joe’s insurer did a U-turn and finally paid the claim. DARES was called back in to dig up the road and replace the damaged drains. It completed all the work in just a few days, leaving Joe and his family very pleased.

Joe continues: “Happy Drains was absolutely outstanding and the service didn’t cost me a penny. It provided professional advice and consultation all the way through the claims process, keeping me informed as to developments and fighting my corner with grim determination. The bottom line is that my insurer would not have paid my claim if Happy Drains hadn’t have got involved, meaning I would have had to foot the bill.

“I have recommended Happy Drains to all of my friends and advise people with drain problems to make the call. Happy Drains’s team has a great deal of technical expertise and understands the insurance industry, making it easy for people to get what they are entitled to under the terms of their policies.”