Case study Rosemary Munday, Somerset

Case study
Rosemary Munday, Carhampton, Somerset

69 year old Rosemary Munday lives in the village of Carhampton in Somerset and thought she had a problem with her septic tank.  Not knowing who to call to help her fix the problem, Mrs Munday did an internet search and discovered Happy Drains.

Recognising the urgency of Mrs Munday’s problem, a Happy Drains team were quickly dispatched to her property to assess her drains.  On arrival at the property it quickly discovered that the problem wasn’t Mrs Munday’s septic tank but her drain pipes, which were made of pitch fibre that had started to deteriorate causing drain blockages.  Following a full CCTV investigation the Happy Drains team were able to pinpoint exactly where the problem areas were and determine the work required to resolve the issue.

Having authorised Happy Drains to represent her and manage the repairs, Mrs Munday’s problem was soon resolved as she explains:

“The team came out to the property extremely quickly after I first contacted them. I soon had a full assessment report including drawings and photographs, which identified exactly what the problem was.  After authorising the work to be carried out the team soon returned and did an excellent job, leaving my property absolutely immaculate afterwards too.  What I appreciated the most was that the contractors talked me through the entire process from start to finish.  They explained everything to me so I knew what work was being carried out and advised me to keep an eye on my drains in the future to prevent further problems.  I felt assured that the team were not taking advantage of me by recommending additional unnecessary work.”

Having been told by her insurer that the work was not covered by her emergency home insurance policy as they noted it as a septic tank issue, the fault has subsequently been identified as a drain problem.  The information and the CCTV reports supplied by the Happy Drains team is helping Mrs Munday who is currently in the process of taking her case to the Financial Ombudsman to challenge the decision and recoup the cost of her drain repairs.

Most impressive of all for Mrs Munday has been the service she received from Happy Drains: “I am so impressed with Happy Drains, they did everything for me from start to finish and the quality of customer care they displayed is something you simply don’t receive these days.  Living on my own after being widowed, I do find problems like this quite daunting and I am always worried I might be taken advantage of but Happy Drains has restored my faith in British businesses.  The team checked I was happy with the service they provided from start to finish and they continue to lead my insurance claim.  They are a wonderful company and I have been telling as many people as I can all about the excellent service that they offer!”