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The Weekend Is Upon Us – It’s Time To Unblock The Sink

We’ve all done it. Spent hours reviewing online articles about how to unblock a bathroom sink with chemicals, liquids and potions. Multiple visits to the endless London bargain shops, picking up everything you need to take on the sink, plus a few extras you don’t really need.

You get home, read the endless instructions and are all set to follow them to the letter. You get into your bathroom, ensure no standing water as per the instructions, and pour the thick, gooey liquid down your sink. In the meantime, having a mild panic attack that it didn’t drip on your hands. The instructions are explicit on this one.

Two hours later, a sink full of foam. You wash it away, and standing water appears in your sink. It didn’t work. Now, It’s time to get your hands dirty and go old school. Let’s begin.


Snaking the Pipe

Step 1

Have a rummage around the kitchen and garage, you will need the following to get started:

  • Bucket
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Cloth
  • Drain Snake or coat hanger wire


Step 2

Clear the area underneath the sink and make sure you have plenty of room. Grab your bucket and position it under the P-Tap or U-Bend as it is also called. It is the curved part of the sink. It’s important to check what is holding the P-Tap together. Some are held together with screws and some are with bolts. Make sure you use the correct tool to remove.


Step 3

Once removed, it’s time to see what is causing the blockage within your sink. Make sure your bucket hasn’t moved from under the sink, last thing you need is a huge spillage of filthy water. Not good. Take the P-Tap off and have a good look to see what is holding things up, remove with your hands or drain snake. It will be a surprise if you can’t find anything, but if you haven’t check the wall pipe for the blockage. Once the problem has been cleared, reattach everything and ensure the area is clear and clean.


Step 4

It’s the moment of truth. Say a little prayer. Turn on your taps. The problem will be fixed, and the blockage will be now cleared.